LIFE + Sanitser project

Presentation of Sanitser preliminary results in Civita Castellana ITIS High School.

9 December 2015

On December the 9th, a presentation of SANITSER Life Project took place at the ITIS High School, in Civita Castellana (Italy).

The participants to this event were students of the Third Classes from the ITIS High School and from an Arts High School with Chemical Specialization, for a total number of around a hundred students along with their teachers.

First of all, the Headmaster Prof. Chericoni made the introduction, which was followed by some expositions proposed by the exponents of three companies operating in the raw material and ceramic field.

Daniela Tabacchi, from Minerali Industriali, explained which are the raw materials utilized for ceramic slips and glazes, focusing on the process of glass recovery: in fact, glass is one of the materials present in the slips and glazes recipes analysed along SANITSER Life Project.

Elisabetta Martini, from SE.TE.C., showed the sanitaryware production process, in particular focusing on the process used for slips containing recovered glass.

Finally, Ermanno Gagliardi from G.E.M.I.C.A. presented the production process for a ceramic glaze used within sanitaryware and dishware, showing the pilot plant realized in order to produce glazes containing glass.

The public proved to be very interested all over the event, so that all the teachers made agreements with companies for future visits to the pilot plants, which will show all the results obtained by SANITSER studies.



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