Open Day for Sanitser project presentation in SE.TE.C - 03.03.2017

Open Day for Sanitser project presentation in SE.TE.C

3th March 2017

The day 03/03/2017 at Setec srl, is celebrated the OPEN DAY for LIFE Sanitser. A day in which our company are open to visit. The boys of the school “Liceo Classico” of Civita Castellana (5A e 5B) visit the pilot plant and see the results (fired pieces obtained with SANITSER 13 body and PSI-113 glaze) obtained. 

This crucial moment of great communicative impact for the project, in fact we obtained all the data and explain the obtained results to the student. This experience is a precious moment and double value: on one hand they show up on the field the results achieved with the project, after explaining how the whole production process in a pilot plant, and the other side serves to raise awareness of the ceramic industrial district and sensitize boys to energy and environmental issues. The photos of the students in SETEC srl plant, in which Ing. Fortuna Antonio and Dr. Elisabetta Martini welcome them.